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The Place I Call Home

A documentary film directed by: Tamer Ezzat
61 minutes
Arabic with English subtitles

In a rapidly changing and unstable region, young Egyptians like many others around the Arab world aspire to migrate to find economic, cultural or personal stability.

Four young Egyptians take a journey on different paths to find the place they can each call “Home.” Whether it is for financial, family, religious, career or personal reasons, they search to find true belonging. For some the answer is immigration and for others the answer is right around them.

Sebae dreams of being a famous singer, but feelings of family obligation keep him in his father’s business. Myriam wants to be free to marry whomever she loves, even if he has different religious beliefs, but she is faced with opposing family values and societal norms. Hams is on a quest to find the place where she doesn’t feel like an outsider. She journeys around the globe and settles in Cairo in hopes of finally finding a place to belong. Moataz wants the simple things in life, but financially struggles to make his dream, of marrying his fiancĂ© and starting a home together, come true.

In an attempt to find their true meaning of “home”, filmmaker Tamer Ezzat, captures their stories in moments of confrontation, reflection and everyday activities with their friends and families. These stories are not only touching, humorous and dramatic, but they are real as well.

Press Quotes

“The Place I Call Home ... a new wave is emerging in the contemporary Egyptian cinema.”Al Arabi Newspaper (translated from Arabic)

“After a year of research, interviews, filming and editing associated with a necessary search for funds, Ezzat, the film's director, was standing in the corner of a packed hall in El Sakia as people flocked to watch his documentary The Place I Call Home.” The Daily Star Egypt (Sister of The International Herald Tribune)

Film Festivals & Awards

  • Al Jezeera Documentary Film Festival 2006 (winner of the golden award)
  • National Egyptian Film Festival 2006 (winner of best feature documentary)
  • Arab Film Festival Rotterdam 2006 (winner of the silver hawk award)
  • 10th Ismalia International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006 (winner of the documentary filmmakers association award)
  • Dubai International Film Festival 2006
  • Leipzig International Film Festival 2006
  • Beirut DC 2006
  • Caravan of the Euro Arab Cinema 2006
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival/New Cinemas of the Arab World 2007
  • Sydney Arab Film Festival 2007

Film Credits

  • Production: Myth Productions – UNESCO
  • Producers: Tamer Ezzat - Michel F. Gelinas
  • Director: Tamer Ezzat
  • Screenplay: Nadine Shams
  • Director of Photography: Sherif Helal
  • Editor: Tamer Ezzat
  • Sound: Tamer El Demerdash
  • Music: Tamer Karawan
  • Production Manager: Moataz Abdel-Wahab

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The Place I Call Home:

Video Clips

Sebae & Moataz

Myriam & Hams

Tamer, Sebae, Moataz, Hams & Myriam

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Please share with us audience comments and suggestions for future projects.

Moataz, Hams, Sebae & Myriam

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How do I purchase a DVD?

The DVD is available for purchase on Createspace, a subsidiary of Amazon:

The DVD is also available for purchase on Amazon:

Sebae & Tamer

Sebae & Tamer

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Who do I contact regarding purchasing the film rights for airing the film on television?

The director, Tamer Ezzat, can be contacted at to schedule any upcoming television and/or theatre events of the film, "The Place I Call Home."

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What topics would you like to see in future Egyptian documentaries?

Many people often only know about Egypt through documentaries about "Ancient Egypt," but there is so much more to Egyptian society then what is portrayed in these documentaries. There is a modern society that is lacking in exposure.

Through the eyes of a documentary filmmaker, what would you like the world to see about Egyptian society?

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Audience Comments

Please share with us your questions and comments about the film, as well as sharing your own stories about your journey to find "the place you call home."

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